Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Slack Blogger

I was called out on my total lack of new material. I suppose I had it coming. It's been hectic. But the main issue here is a lack of structure. I thrive under it. I need it. One of the pitfalls of owning one's own business is that you can do what you want whenever you want. That is until you are up against a hard and fast deadline. And so I play and play, stay out late, act a fool, muddle through the next day and don't get much done, go to bed early that night, play catchup all the next day with the business, then blow it out again that night and repeat the cycle. I am forcing myself into some structure now to make me function better. I am now making punch lists for the day. Today's list included post a friggen blog. There, done and done. Now on to my other things on the list. (near the end of that list is... take some time to try and remember something noteworthy to blog about from the last two months)