Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gay guys have it made

Well, I mean there are down sides to it due to rednecks and other sorts of right wingers. But what I saw today was pretty funny. The boyleston highway bridge park has a boat launch and some picnic tables. It's rather unremarkable. My Dad and I usually put in there when we float trip in the mad river canoe and fish for small mouth bass down to glenn bridge road or bent creek if we want to a. catch more fish and b. drink more beer.
Anyway, There are always guys hanging out in their cars or trucks down there... My dad joked that it was guys hooking up. I was like "enh whatever". But today when I went there to take my kayak out for my first time I paddled up and down that section of the river and noticed ALL the dudes just hanging out in their cars. One would get out and walk into the woods, then another would go. Then they would come back out a few minutes apart, but it was always two guys. And there were more of them that started showing up just after 5. Big burly redneck dudes, old guys, younger guys. Some kind of sex collective, brilliant actually. I mean think about it, had a bad day at work? Just go get some. Straight people don't get to do that... or at least I don't know where to go for it... Well anyway. I am sure that might lead to some nasty diseases. Other than that it seems like a great thing. To bad I am just not into dudes.