Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Something I have to say

"Dear life, thank you for being mine.
Dear friends and family, thank you for being in it."
just now.

I googled the two sentences separately... nothing came up as an exact match on either.
so, maybe it is a quote attributable to me... But I wish it wasn't. Other people should feel this too.
And here's to hoping that for anyone I know.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

To cold to paddle.

Well that is fine I need to be running anyway. What is also fine is that the solstice has just passed. More light, more sunshine pouring down on the earth to warm it back up. Though it is odd how sunlight and the seasons work. The hottest and coldest times always lag behind the simple number of daylight hours. I suppose my running is like that. For the past few years I have coasted on old fitness from 2006. but that is gone gone now. I really need to put a solid year of effort back into it to get myself where I want to be.
What I need to do is adopt a policy where I don't get to go paddling until I have run X amount that week or something like that. Maybe every 10 miles means I get to play on the water for a few hours or every 30 earns me a proper trip. this would work... you know if I stick to it... well time to go for another clunky calf deep crusty snow run.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yet another reason why I am going to hell

If it exists, I am. Today's reason? While I was piddling around the house doing a little work this product concept pops into my head.
with slogans like
"Christ-ums, savior flavored snacks!
Can't make it to mass? Or just hungry for a little taste of the lord?
Why open up a box of Christ-ums!"
and a few other ads popped into my head along those lines.

Well, I can't help it... this is funny to me.

My Good Friend Doro also suggested Jezits.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Consequence free learning.

I had a wonderful 5 and a half hour run down the lower green with my Jedi Master Doro. Nice easy consequence free class 1's and 2's with long washouts after them. He is teaching me that you can become a total bad ass on whitewater without ever touching a class 4 or 5 rapid. And in fact that you really aught to be one before before you hit the big stuff.

The basic concept is to do extremely difficult maneuvers better faster and quicker on small water. In fact that is how I managed to flip soul train for the first time. Of course, Justin won't teach me my roll until I am proficient at everything else so I had to eject and swim. For the last day in November honestly it was not that bad. I DID have a semi dry top on that Justin let me borrow and that really helped matters. He also says, if you ain't swimming, you ain't trying. And that is valid. In fact, Justin swam shortly after pretending to use his paddle as a bazooka on the one decent surf wave on the lower green. Earlier he could be seen using his paddle as a helicopter blade stand in on a smaller wave. The concept of course is to illustrate that he is using his weight and balance to keep the boat on the wave rather than his paddle. Other possibilities are of course paddle guitar, the Crucifixion, The machine gun, the samurai, etc. He was pushing me to find out what would happen if I stuck my bow into the top of the wave... I had already swam once that day and really didn't feel like initiating a bow stall in a boat not really made for it. Never mind that even if I was in a boat made for it I would still not know what to do about it.
I ain't trying to swim in January or February without some decent gear. That being said, x mas should bring me enough goodies to manage messing around on the French Broad soon enough.
Today it is cold and the water is high... so, no fun today.