Thursday, June 18, 2009

why now?

I am busy as hell and have to get out of town... Historic Badin Triathlon... I am "the dude" and I must abide everything for the next 72 hours... it's gonna be crazy.
Anyway, I can't get this out of my head. New and inexplicable dress up party themes. New options in case the old classics, School girls and Professors, Tarts and Vicars etc. prove mundane.

1. Construction workers and Geishas
2. Primates and Accountants
3. Hookers and stuffed animals
4. Aliens and Vikings
5. Terrorist and Celery
6. Surfers and Serial Killers
7. Dictators and Smurfs
8. Circus characters and Family Circus Characters
9. Sex change patients and Star Wars Characters
10. Sushi and Illegal substances

These are parties that I would like to see pictures of.

oh and to comment on the last post, still running solo and that is a good thing.