Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy ending.

No, it's not that kind of happy ending. I went to see Donna the Buffalo at the Orange Peel I had first planned on drinking up to midnight and cutting it off. As it just happened, they had Cold Mountain Winter Ale from Highland Brewing Company on tap. This is my favorite beer of all time. And if I am not going to drink for an entire year... that should be the way it ends, not at the hands of a double shot of vodka. My best Buddy Dan insisted that he pay for it. I toasted with some of my Brothers from the Jack of the Wood Futball Club, I savored the taste, and drank it slow. I also enjoyed having my wits all about me for the evening. I think I can make this sober thing work to my advantage even when I am out. There is a difference between acting drunk and being drunk. It's really something. Well, one night down many to go. But no hang over for this little boy in the morning. Definitely happy about that. In other news, right before last call Dan, Clay and myself were definitely hit on by strippers. They had to be strippers, I'd put money on it... um, so to speak.
Finally, one note on how the universe speaks to you. Donna The Buffalo opened with a song called Movin' On. Of all the songs they have, they open with that. Movin' on... it's what I am doing. I have gotten past some negative feelings associated with the past, I am really focused for 2009 and I will become a better version of myself. The Song has a few lines in it "but drinking don't seem to work like it used to, and a freshness is what we need." It does not seem to work like it used to for me... I think I am going to get my head out of this fog I have created for myself and see what is out there.

How Dry i am.

I am making this announcement publicly here. Calling myself to the carpet and making this official. I resolve to not drink in 2009. One notable exception, a glass of Wine with Dinner if and only if everyone else is doing it and it would be totally awkward to not have one in front of me. Right now, this is easy, very easy to manage. Monday night, a few too many. Felt kinda ok in the morning. Then Last night, Sam's Birthday. A few more too many. Got up in the morning, considered a boot. Couldn't quite make it happen.

Rode my bike down to Moe's to get a Homewrecker and Queso. Food usually fixes my hangovers, and Burritos or "babies" as I like to call them and my ace in the hole when it comes to hangovers. Alas! I could only eat half of what I ordered. I bagged it up to go and rode home utterly defeated but at least basically blown homeward by the strongest north winds I have seen around here in months. I'll eat the rest before I head down town to see Donna the Buffalo.
I had planned on Taking my last drink before midnight, you know, get a good little buzz going and then rock out and sober up after midnight... but I'll just go ahead and make it a year and a day. This makes my last drink a doozey. Sam poured up a double shot of Vodka. Like regular old vodka, not even fancy pants vodka. After a nice gag face and slobber mouth, I washed my mouth out with water. Damn that stuff is good... Water, i mean gotta love it. It's basically free, it keeps you alive and whatnot.
Not to put any Pressure on the guy, but Dan Cannon said he is going to stop drinking too. I think we BOTH think, yeah right I'll believe THAT when I see it.
I am planning on being really productive and super healthy in 2009. And there is one other thing. The money, I mean ho- li- crap. holicrap.

A typical -oh group week in the life of Doug Methvin.

Monday, Quizo. a few pitchers at $10 each with the Discount and then usually a high end scotch or two. THEN on occasion another bar depending on what is going on. bare minimum, $40.00 on Monday night just to the drink.

Tuesday, sometimes nothing... sometimes a few depending on whatever. Lets say $10.

Wednesday. Boy's night and sometimes 80's night. $12 bottle of wine and then pbr or makers at Broadways. Lets average that part to $10 a week. So $22 on Wednesday.

Thursday. No weekly plan but Surely we can average $5 per week.

Friday. NOTHING, it's typically the day before a race and I have to have my shiite together.

Saturday, It's After a race and time to celebrate. Lets give it $15 on average... and that is probably a conservative number.

Sunday, it's after a soccer match and we go to the pub. Also easily $15 on average.

I can easily see $107 a week. 5 grand a year? 5? 50 Benjamins? damn. I could think of some cool stuff to do or buy with 5K.

So there you have it. And anyway, I always liked doing extreme stuff. Just going way out there to an extreme and seeing what it's like "out there".

I throw caution to the wind here on this last day of 2008 when it's gusting up to 60 miles an hour. How very appropriate.

Monday, December 15, 2008

If the shoe fits take it off and wing it at an idiot.

I wish that guy had a whole JC Penny stock room worth of them, he really was a decent shot. Both on the mark and Bush had to move each time. I bet Carter, Ronnie and Bush Senior would have been nailed. Clinton probably could have dodged both shoes I think. See, the question for all these others is hypothetical because none of them would have had a shoe winged at them in a press conference in the first place. Shoes, fairly safe, it's like a snow ball fight, so mainly its funny and sad... This presidency... please let it end. How many days till we get rid of the worst president ever. Can you fathom another president who could have had a shoe thrown at him and it have not been an insult to the American public? Its a perfect commentary on Bush as he leaves office.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Call me Hansel

With what I assume is my last soccer match of the season behind me I can finally stop and heal. The back half of 2008 was great fun. The only bad thing about it was the persistent injury. The core muscles just kept giving out. Train a bit, fall apart, stop. The last two months saw one effort a week. Show up on Sunday and gut it out for 90 minutes on the pitch. By the end of the season I felt slow, fat, weak and clumsy from the lack of practice. I have figured out that it will take a full month of inactivity in terms of running and soccer to heal this thing up. And even then I will have to come back smart to make it work. I hate injury. I will be really careful about how I come back around to proper shape... Maybe start biking a few weeks from now. Till then I am just going to sit around and get fat. And that is fun really. It's just part of the plan. HOPEFULLY, in 3 months time I will be rocking alongside Stewart Moran and some of those guys on their easy runs as I whip myself back into form. In 4 months, maybe some track workouts as well. I want to do it all. And If I am smart about it, and a little lucky, I think I can.
Till then... In the words of Fat Albert. "Hey hey hey!"