Monday, April 28, 2008

On the mend

I am glad that I am such a fast healer. All of that HGH and stuff that I am taking has that side effect I guess. My face is basically a chewty factory right now (rather obscure but VERY gross Wonder Showzen reference). At any rate it is nice to chew food again. I feel verbally constipated... as in... there are plenty of things I COULD write about in great detail and length, but alas none of them need to show up for all to see. So I'll close it down, bottle it up, set it aside, put it away, etc.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ah the joys of bike riding...

Well it's been since 2005 since I laid it down... Iv'e seen some nasty wrecks in that time. Happy to say none of them were mine. I guess I was due. My face is "real purty". That and my wrist took the blow... no road rash on the legs arms or hips... really odd. It was this strange uphill crash, just wandered off the edge of the parkway while taking in the view... pretty lame, but if this is my one crash for the next 3 or 4 years... hey, I'll take it. All the joy that I have racked up in the last few years has been well worth it. I started eating some small solid food today... that's good I figure in a weeks time it will be but a memory, roll by the store and get some vitamin E or something now that everything is solid. It stinks that I didn't shave my face before the wreck... I am kinda stuck with it for a week or two. I think I'll go out tomorrow night... most of the pain should be gone by then, and my face is a good convo starter...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Not the worst Idea ever... but one of it's neighbors for sure

Hmmm, here I am, blogging... at last, April 2008. I think I HEARD the word blog some odd 4 or 5 years ago but was too lazy to go investigate the details of the thing. Then, oh, perhaps a few years ago I wrapped my mind around the idea and mused... hmm, ok. But then, once again didn't do a thing about it. What nudged me? Other friends doing it mainly, I like the concept of leaving mental bread crumb trails everywhere for folks to follow as they do. Clearly, if my mind was bread.

1. I would eat it because I love bread, and

2. I am pretty sure it would be marbleized rye and dark pumpernickel.

But I digress, and this is the first of perhaps thousands of those. In spoken word I digress like it is my job. This makes some people love to hear me tell a story, and others, it simply annoys to no end, and yet with others, it depends on the story being told.

The topic of this post is perhaps obvious to any who know me. I have no filter between my brain and my mouth, and my brain is a very strange place... it's fun, i love it, but it's not for general audiences by any means. The good part about what comes out of the mouth is that... if it isn't being recorded by anyone, then it very often dries up and leaves no trace much like a light shower on a warm spring afternoon. The WRITTEN word is problematic. I have used email in particular to have very deep conversations with friends of mine that have challenged me to think things out to a fuller extent and grow as a person. I have also done some lovely turns of phrase with a few special women in my life. Things I seriously doubt I could have said on the fly and with such a level of quality and feeling. The other edge of that sword is of course the negative. I can write the most scathing, belittling, air tight arguments for a given persons stupidity or lack of what ever have you that it has really placed me in a bad spot at times after I unload on someone in a work environment. I very well could have yelled those exact things at a person over the phone and been none the worse for it... but here instead is this perfectly crafted email of shame and hate for all the world to see.
Thus, with the ideas that I own my own business, and this blog is public domain, I should be a bit careful about what I write. I am the face of my business and my business IS me... I'll write later about the brave new world of working for yourself, it's fascinating to me. But, this is enough for now.

One real time update to close with. Tonight is Jane Carter's Birthday at quizzo. If it's anything like mine was, she'd better bring or buy a hat and hold the F$^% onto it.