Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some thing Old, some thing new

Something Dorky, When I was 15 A few upper class men on my swim team in high school introduced me to the band, They Might Be Giants. I have most of what they have done. I just love them. The new Album, "The Else" is really solid. It very well be my favorite. They are musical savants. These guys just keep cranking out music. Music I like. TMBG is not an acquired taste... you pretty much know from the get go if it is for you. Some of the most nasal singing you have ever heard, use of all sorts of odd ball instruments. But it is technically brilliant stuff, tight vocal harmonies (one can harmonize even with the nasal). They are one of the tightest groups you will ever see in terms of live play. The other thing is that they simply revel in their dorkiness and the crowd is always on board. Pure cheese. Congo lines form at the bands request. We do whatever silly thing we are asked to do, because it's fun and who cares.
TMBG is an experience.
Well, I am off to go have some fun with these guys, just like I did in the 90's... and the 00's.