Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic games random thoughts

1. The Inuits rock. They are my favorite aboriginal people of Canada.
2. The winter games are so white even the guy (the only one) from Algeria looks white.
3. Why don't they have like... snow Wrestling... or ice boxing? I'd watch that shiite.
4.Dude, I'd totally love to be some punk trust fund Kid from the Caribbean and be in the Winter games... SOOO much better than being doing it the other way... a la Eric Moussambani. (PS those other two dudes were punk ass B*tches)
5.Of course the Germans put the ladies in Pink Vests and the guys had Powder Blue ones... Always practical...
6. So those Aboriginal Canadians have been dancing for the entire parade of nations, did they give them E?
7. Common on India, yall got a billion of you and those little mountains... what are they called, oh yeah, the Himalayas... and you bring 3 people?
8. Awww man! no cool runnings this year! Damnit.
9. Dude that Flag bearer for Switzerland... the ice skater... Just take the L out...
10. Ok all the Folks in white along the entrance corridor are making the best Canadian Soul Train evs!
11. Um, no, I don't actually think my mom likes Shawn White...
12. 82 nations... so if global warming continues, how many are we going to have next time?
13. China... precise. Canada, cool and wavy.
14. In Canada, men must have big hair. It's kinda like Tennessee for Women...
15.Ok wait, one of those Aboriginal Canadians looked like he was in the cure. How am I supposed to feel about this?
16. Donald Sutherland is Canadian too???
17.Trippy.... they got good weed in BC, this is common knowledge.
18.Orca spouts... niiiiice.
19.It needs repeating... Canadians... Cool and wavy.
20.Of course the French Canadian part would start all weird and douchey.
21.Wondering what 1.3 Billion Chinese think about fiddle jams.
22.Note to self, do not attempt tree pose with built in lit sparklers on your shoes.
23. Indoor Flag Stuff, A good blow job is hard to come by... just look at those flags just strugglin'
24. Ah yes the finest in Canadian engineering... enh 3 out of 4 aint bad eh?
25. I wonder which of the four of them got punked, I really hope it was not the Handicapped guy.
Um, that is all.

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