Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the actual progress

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Curly:When we on one rollin' tru da hood,
Red Bone, aint no truf misunderstood.
You set up in my big body wif All Days Flossin'
My ride be dripping and it is all good.

Chicken heads and Hos bet jus scurry
My P-ride bumpin base dat'l bury
My P-ride Bumpin base Dat'l bury de rest on my block

My Rims Bling cause I drops da cheddar
If you holla "shotty" den you sittin on some leathar
Crack heads dat triffle find dat dey gettin deader cause my 9 go pop

My anchors be choppin' an dey 24k,
an even at night dey glowin'
My windows so tinted dat even in the day, you ain't even know where you goin.

Aftermarket halogens a grinnin',
You my shawty like I said in duh beginnin'
Get dat badonk in my ride get to sinnin' or it's time to hop
Out my P-ride bumpin base out beside the pawn shop

Eller: Is it tru yo Woofers 15 inch?
Curly: Bitch you know dem shits are 15 inch.
Laurey: Does it really have a Custom Crome wrap Package?
Curly: Yes it's Chrome, a sure as you my wench.

below is untranslated, I will be coming back to work it through... That is the first part... then memorizing and figuring out a scooby filtered Borat... Hmm I don't know, I might have to make two versions, a Pure Borat word structure with some ebonics thrown in (a la his trip to ATL in the movie) and then simply scooby voice that. it's not easy....

All the world'll fly in a flurry
When I take you out in the surry
When I take you out in the surry with the fringe on top.
When we hit that road, hell-for-leather
Cats and dogs will dance in the heather
Birds and frogs'll sing all together and the toads will hop!
The wind'll whistle as we rattle along,
The cows'll moo in the clover
The river will ripple out a whispered song,
And whisper it over and over
Don't you wish you'd go on forever
Don't you wish you'd go on forever
Don't you wish you'd go on forever And you'd never stop?
In that shiny little surry With the fringe on the top.
I can see the stars gittin' blurry
When we ride back home in the surry
Ridin' slowly home in the surry With the fringe on top
I can feel the day gettin' older
Feel a sleepy head near my shoulder
Noddin', droopin', close to my shoulder Till it falls kerplop.
The sun is swimmin' on the rim of a hill
The moon is takin' a header.
And jist as I'm thinkin' all the earth is still
A lark'll wake up in the meader.
Hush, you bird. My baby's a sleepin'
Maybe got a dream worth a keepin'
Whoa, you team an' jist keep a creepin' At a slow clip, clop.
Don't you hurry little Surry With The Fringe On the Top.

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